So Much to do…

I make lists. Then I make some more of them. I fill diaries with them. I recycle every paper I find into mini sized to do lists. I feel this is one of my biggest accomplishments. I have a field day at end of term. I have so many potential sources for new chits and lists. In the virtual world, I have refined my search to the point that I use two highly lovable apps: StyleNote and Multi List. And of course, reliable, amazing stickies for windows. I have read every word the developer has had to say about it. I recently turned to Excel for timetabling everything I have to do.

I should be the most productive person in the world, right? Writing down what I have to do gives me such an immense satisfaction that I start swimming in it, and in the haze of these comforting waters, I do the most random-est, most pointless stuff. Had my lists been actual humans somehow, I would have been beaten up and put in jail multiple times. (I still love you, my list-ies!)

Here is on of them:



I decided that all the photo albums in my house need a revamp, even though I am sure they were dozing quite peacefully in the corner shelf, probably dreaming of their glorious past.

Not only did I spend God-knows how much time on sorting them by date, there were a few totally crappy pictures I found. Instead of burning them, I stuck them to my journal above in a pattern that has yet to make sense to me. However, whenever I look at it, all that I see is the creepy picture of some one I have no idea about. 😀

So if you know of any awesome apps for Windows or Android with clean, easy layouts and magical ENFORCEMENT options, let me know. 🙂